MyFitPak launched on the iOS App Store

It's been a long road to get here. We've worked extremely hard and am thankful to have made it thus far. The idea for MyFitPak came to the founder, Nicholaus Hayden, almost 7 years ago in Oceanside, California. He was falling asleep and praying in his bed for an idea to help himself find awesome fit people who liked to do the same things he did. He thought, why can't I just pull up my phone and swipe through some options to kick the soccer ball around and have a good time. He couldn't believe nothing was out there that was free, fun, super easy to connect, and was able to post photos and share all the cool things he and others would be doing. He thought, wow if I have this much trouble, there's bound to be millions more who have the same issue. He just wanted to play soccer by the beach and kick it with some chill people. The fact is the only way to stay healthy and fit for free over time, is accountability. Think of MyFitPak as a basic human right, free healthcare forever. You get people together to inspire one another to get off their ass once and awhile, and boom, you have healthy people who are having fun for free.

Now that MyFitPak is on the iOS App Store, it's time Americans live the lives they've always wanted to live. We believe in this app down to it's very core, and we're relentless on the mission to help the world find joy in staying healthy for free.

We think this is the beginning of something very big, a game changer not just for America, but the world. Let's see how much of an impact one good idea can make.

Just try it.