Nicholaus Hayden

It's been a long road to get here. We've worked extremely hard and am thankful to have made it thus far. The idea for MyFitPak came to the founder, Nicholaus Hayden, almost 8 years ago in Oceanside, California. His goal for MyFitPak was to reduce cardiovascular diseases in America by enabling anyone with a smartphone (Android version of MyFitPak coming soon) to find inspiration and accountability to live a healthier life. Driven by his faith and inexhaustible desire to help others, MyFitPak has been designed and developed from the beginning to inspire people to live healthier lives forever.   

We think this is the beginning of something very big, a game changer not just for America, but eventually every nation. We hope you enjoy MyFitPak and inspire the world to be better! Let's see how much of an impact one good idea can make.


P.S. Nicholaus Hayden lives in Temecula, California with his beautiful wife Kaylie and enjoys lots of different activities. Including but not limited to; soccer, tennis, hiking, basketball, polo, shooting, running, and circuit training. Fitness has and will always be a large part of the creator of MyFitPak's life. As a believer, Nicholaus Hayden and his family will stop at nothing to share God's everlasting love and help motivate America and the World to change their lives forever.