Nicholaus hayden (Ceo/Founder)

Nicholaus Hayden is the founder and CEO of MyFitPak, a community of more than 5 people who want bomb ass free health care and want to do cool stuff and share dope ass photos. 

Prior to founding MyFitPak, Nicholaus was a part of the booming millennial world that thought Pokemon was the shit, and downloading free songs on Limewire was completely legit and legal, and Gladiator was the best fucking movie ever made. #areyounotentertained #fathertoamurderedsonhusbandtoamurderedwife

He loves Jesus, his wife, and his family more than anything. MyFitPak is his dirty mistress that he secretly loves too.

Arvey GuihamA                    (CMO)

He's Asian, got rice bitch. #aznpride